Rory O'Rourke

Partner / Sales

Rory O’Rourke is the principal of O’Rourke Realty Investments, which is a partnership with his son Jarrad.

Rory is one of Australia’s best-known real estate investment advisors and has been in the industry for over 43 years.

Rory has travelled the world during his term as Vice President of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Australian Chapter. Rory has lectured at the last 7 FIABCI World Congresses, Texas 2004, Athens 2005, Bangkok 2006, Barcelona and Geneva 2007, Amsterdam 2008, San Diego 2009, Bangkok, Bali, Melbourne and Cairns 2010-2012.

Rory has been inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professionals for 2009/2010, which is a fantastic recognition of his work for FIABCI and the real estate industry.

Rory is the author of 3 best selling books ‘Born Free Taxed to Death’, ‘I sold 22 homes in one day’ and ‘It’s Time… the Republic of Australia’. Rory is very proud to hold the world record for most sales in 1 day and has done since 6th February 1982.

Rory has a portfolio of real estate worth in excess of $30 million. This has been achieved through huge experiments, renovations, property development, building and tax planning. Rory shares his knowledge at his FREE fortnightly Investment seminars and has helped many people reduce their tax and find financial freedom.